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Sunday, January 10, 2010



This is a great list; you chose films that embody what was great about the last decade and about filmmaking. A lot of directors really came into their golden age over the past ten years. I appreciate how unexpected some of your choices were, and there are certainly ones on the list I haven't seen and intend to check out! It's not a surprise I feel in sync with (most of) your choices, being who we both are and where we both come from.

The only disconnect, the one I can't agree with, is Shortbus. Awful and unwatchable in my eyes. And I was so excited about JCM reinvigorating (or inventing, really) the arty x-rated genre. But I hated it with a passion, at least! (compared to hating most movies as just stupid/lazy/shallow).

I'd *have* to add Wes Anderson to this list, probably "Life Aquatic." "Shaun of the Dead", maybe. "Amelie" for sure. "Lost in Translation?" "Howl's Moving Castle", "Junebug".. dunno. I like YOUR list!


K.M. Soehnlein

Funny to be in agreement except the film at the top of the list! I imagine Shortbus will be a button-pusher. I could have put "Life Aquatic" on there (or more likely, "Royal Tennenbaums"). But not "Lost in Translation." I'm (passionately) not a ScarJo fan. Thanks for commenting.


It's funny, I get almost as much out of movies that I passionately hate as the ones I love. A certain recent film starring fuzzy beasts comes to mind. The hatred was so strong it almost felt like love. It's good that I can get into that space, because there are a lot of hate-able movies out there.

Oh, yes, "Tenenbaums".. forgot that was in the 00s. That is definitely on my list, and not just because Gene Hackman's character is terrifyingly close my to my own late father's. (not kidding -- down to the beret)

Totally understand about ScarJo and "Lost" in general. It shouldn't be a movie I love, yet it is. I'm intrigued by the direction Sofia C is going with her directing.

I also loved Alexander Payne's stuff, although "Sideways" isn't standing up to time as well as I'd like.

Okay, enough commenting by the hambox! I hope someone else takes a turn -- it's just so refreshing to see a decade-recap list that I can relate to! xoxo

K.M. Soehnlein

OK, we have to talk at some point about your Hackmanesque beret-wearing father! (And perhaps argue over Where the Wild Things Are, which I'm kind of secretly in love with...) My favorite Payne film of the 00's is "About Schmidt" -- one of the only times I've been able to deal with Jack Nicholson on film! ... OK, onward...


I love this list, Karl! There were quite a few I added to my film watching queue.

And if we are keeping track, I really enjoyed "Shortbus" and couldn't stand "Where the Wild Things Are."

Thank you for sharing your cinematic loves with us!

Amanda MacNaughton

So I've only seen a couple of these, because I hardly ever go to the movies and don't own a tv. I LOVED Milk, whose title character reminded me so much of some of my most adorable gay friends ever. Y Tu Mama Tambien was really heartbreaking. I hated it that the guys fell out of touch after their episode of intimacy. But I thought it was very realistic, too. I haven't seen the Ang Lee film you listed, but loved Brokeback Mountain, The Wedding Banquet, and Eat Drink Man Woman. What a powerful director he is. Karl, have you seen My Beautiful Laundrette? I found it poignant and memorable. You might like it.

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