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Friday, June 26, 2009


Anne R. Allen

The best thing I've read on Jackson. Thanks.


Oh, Karlie, well put. There was an insidiousness to his music, in the best way. My first year of college was inadvertently soundtracked by "Thriller" -- couldn't get away from it, even though my cool artpunk self tried. I saw that Motown show and remember feeling a glimmer of excitement, but put it away.

Then I got over myself and slipped into my 20s and that crazy scene in SF and learned how to let go and move to ANYTHING (no snobs on the dance floor!) That's when I could tap into the rhythm that had insinuated itself into my bloodstream (probably around Thriller playback #10,000 in the dorms).. Good music. Great music.

But, man. What happened? I hope he gets another chance to find some freedom.


i think this is truly the best piece about MJ - living here in LA where the local news has ONLY been about his death, with nary a mention of his possible pedophilia (very upsetting to me) and his lifetime of family abuse (a dear friend of mine who grew up in the motown world said simply, "look at the father") which he seemed to weirdly perpetuate on his children, i too felt a strange and exhilarating upsurge of feeling when i heard his music from the 70s. that was my michael jackson phase and it was glorious -- me a little kid, not much younger than michael, watching him on soul train, getting my tiny white hiney to move and groove - my sister and i shouting the lyrics with joy. that's the good michael. is it worth A MILLION people at his memorial today -- no. but it isn't to say that music wasn't just pure gloriousness. thanks for this blog, love you and love your writing and thoughts and insights.

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