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Saturday, June 13, 2009


Anne R. Allen

Ouch. It sounds as if it may be No Country for Old Boomers. Maybe I could get my Susan Boyle on...

I look forward to reading the ACT UP stories. An important movement at a significant time.

Nick K

i'm glad you recapped the finals since i had to leave early and missed them. i loved the story you read and look forward to reading the unabridged version.

having heard you read another ACT UP era story (at a USF reading or maybe the main library), i wondered if you might be working, or accidentally working, on a collection, or exploration for a novel. so, i'm very glad to hear that you're thinking about committing to this material. a balancing act, yes, but you are doing a really good job so far.

p.s. sorry i didn't say hi. the elbo room was so damn dark that approaching anyone made me feel like i'd scare the crap out of them.

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