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Wednesday, June 17, 2009



just posted a link to this on the GLR-W facebook fan page. Cheers!


The most offensive and infuriating part of that answer is not what she doesn't know, but rather rather what she thinks she does know: the assertion that coming out is "the great gay storyline" (emphasis added). It's not. And who was who said that gay representations which begin and end with coming out serve to lock us into a perpetual adolescence? Somebody smart...

That having been said, I'm also reaching back 40 years for my book recommendation these days, telling everyone to read Isherwood's A Single Man before it is ruined by Tom Ford's(?!) film adaption later this year. (It is a book that has NOTHING to do with coming out, and everything to do with what makes the experience of living as a gay adult unique and valuable.)


Grrg, thanks for you comment. I second your recommendation about Isherwood's "A Single Man." I had my students read it this year and got a great response. Though it's nearly 50 years old, the book still speaks to us in a very contemporary way. As for the Tom Ford film, I'll withhold commentary until there's something to talk about.

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