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Thursday, January 08, 2009


steven fama

Hello K.M., and I'm sorry I don't understand what you mean by "had it" or "sold out." The book can be bought from Amazon, both direct from it and via associated sellers, and I've been in two bookshops -- one in SF the other in Berkeley in the last 24 hours -- and multiple copies of the first printing were available at both.


Sorry, my language was a little vague. On Jan. 2, I was told by Books, Inc. that their distributor didn't have the book listed as available. The bookstore manager guessed that the reason for this was that the first printing had sold out before the next was available. That same day, I placed my order on Amazon, where the book was listed as "item not in stock." At that point I emailed the editor, Kevin Killian, who wrote, "I think the first printing is sold out." After that, I posted on my blog.

Apparently in the five days since I posted this item, the status of the Spicer book has changed. Your report that you've seen the book in stores coincides with a notice I got from Amazon that it has been shipped to me.

Thanks for the comment.

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